A mash-up of the weekend...Addition Deadline update

My weekend was full of 2 days spent driving around looking for a good deal on tiles. 

Since we are selling this house I didn't want to spend a ton of money but still need something modern and up to date. 

On Saturday I drove to Tile Shoppe Outlet in Newmarket ...do you know where this place is....almost in the middle of no where. But the flyer looked really good and I thought considering it was an "outlet" store they would have a huge showroom with tons of stock. 

What a disappointment! The show room was so small it may as well have been a closet, it was also packed. The store opened at 10 am  and I was there at 10:20 am. The prices were not the greatest ranging from $3.49 sq ft and up for anything some what modern. 

Boooooooooooo, I spent an entire 8 minutes there and walked out knowing it was a waste of my time. 

Next up...Tile and Stones (Jane and something, close to Ikea) I've purchased nice tile here before for $2 sq ft. The service was great the first time so I figured no harm in going back. Unfortunately I couldn't find anything close to what I needed. 

I then headed over to Ikea to look at counter tops. It was almost noon by this time and we all know what Ikea is like at noon on a Saturday. I selected 2 different types of counter tops that I believe would look nice. Branko will go back and order them this week sometime since he works close by. (the wait was 45 min. - no thanks) 

I ended up going home after all of this with nothing, Branko needed my help so I figured I would just try again the next day. 

This time I convinced my mom to go with me, we headed to Olympia Tile Clearance Centre and there big show room...Zero...Nada...Too Busy....Branko will kill me if I come home with nothing. 

We also stopped at 2 other places close to there and the cheapest I could find was $2.89 sq.ft. No thanks, I'm on a budget here! 

This is all I could find for $2.89 sq. ft. 

So Home Depot happened to be close by and I said to my mom let's just go see what they have.....

And I saw this for $2.47:

At this point I decided to wait, go home and head out to our local Home Depot to look at things with Branko. 

We were going to purchase the one above(it also came in a lighter grey colour) but then we saw this:

Yukon Mist 12 inch x 24 inch Glazed Porcelain Tiles (16 Square Feet per Case) $1.99 sq. ft

For $1.99 sq.ft. I could not pass this up! 

Accent tile selection ($9.50 a pack, the tile guy in the city wanted $15.49 a pack) :

The tile for the master bathroom, laundry room and smaller old bathroom has all been purchased.

Once we install the new tiles in the master bathroom I will have to decide if I want to go with a white cabinet or a black/brown cabinet. 

What would you do white or black/brown????

Things I still need to purchase:

Kitchen Back splash

Kitchen Counter tops

Kitchen Accessories



Closets from Ikea for the 2 bedrooms (more on this some other time)

Branko was also able to install the Heat Recovery Ventilator plus all of the duct work. His dad finished installing the electrical outlets and light fixtures(no more extension cords!)

We will pick up the windows this weekend and install them, lay down all of the tile in the new bathroom and laundry room and maybe start working on the drywall. 

I also have to make one very important comment normally when we go to Home Depot finding somebody to help if needed is horrendous. 

But...our local Home Depot is getting so much better in there customer service area...

Michelle in the tile & flooring section was amazing last night! So friendly and outgoing, we had a good chuckle with her. 

Stefan from the windows/flooring section from the other night was beyond helpful and patient with me! When we realized they didn't have the product I really need in store he searched a ton of other stores for and even searched the company website to see who carried the stuff in Canada! 

The tool rental guy...I wish I got his name....he was so great! 

Thank you Home Depot Employees!!! 

Addition Deadline Countdown:

36 days 

Don't forget to leave comments below on the cabinet colour...I would love to hear some opinions!