Attic Insulation Done

Quote from the Home Depot Employee:

"Oh Yes, this is a very easy job. Just rent the machine and feed the bags into it. 600 sq. ft. should take you about 1 hour"  

He was a really nice man don't get me wrong and he probably had no idea that I would actually be the one feeding the machine with insulation. 

And so we started. The process is to cut and break these bags in half and then feed each half into the machine. 

Branko did one just to show me how it works and it looked pretty simple, he then proceeded to go into the attic with the hose while I would stand by the machine and feed it with bags of insulation. 

There is a small knife built inside here and what it does is cut the plastic wrap once you push it through this entrance way.  The insulation expands and the plastic is pulled off. 

Problem #1: 

Try and get the plastic off before the insulation falls into the machine was extremely hard. It was jammed by that plastic piece on the right side and I had this huge fear it was going to tangle in the rotators in the machine. So each time I would feed the machine I went into panic mode trying to frantically get the wrap off. 

Problem #2:

When we started our second round Branko had the bright idea of stuffing 1/2 a bag into the machine before it was started. Each time he went into the attic and I hit the start button it would kill the breaker and the machine would die. We quickly figured out the machine must be rotating before you stuff anything in there. 

Problem #3:

It's too stupid to talk about in full detail, let's just say somehow a piece of plumbing pipe ended up in the machine.                                                       
Don't ask how. 

Problem #4: 

By the time we finished it was 8:30pm on Monday night. The machine needed to be returned and it was pouring rain out. The bottom part of the machine was very heavy. We had to carry it out the window entrance we are currently using, around the back side of the house, through the house to the front, walk across a patch of ice in the pouring rain then lift it into the trailer. The problem...I'm not that strong and it was pouring rain. Just use your imagination. 

So over all, the process wasn't that bad. It took longer then we expected since the machine rotates the insulation much slower then we thought it would, if you are going to do this yourself allow extra time for how slow the machine is. 

I'm sure with experience and understanding of the machine better next time would be much easier. 

Addition deadline moves on. 


33 days 

Our plumbing all passed inspection(fantastic news) considering this was Branko's first time doing plumbing. 

We can close in all of the floors completely, windows are being picked up tomorrow and installed this weekend. The flooring was purchased yesterday and will be in next week!