Update on our Workation week

Branko and I took a week off to work on the addition to try and speed things along. 

We realized 2 things:

Drywall sucks
Addition deadline will have to be moved :( 


It's OK, because if we are going to do this we may as well do it right. 

 The addition part of the house is coming along really nice. 

We made some game changing layouts in the old part of the house that we are both very excited about...

As a wee reminder this is what the kitchen looked like when Branko first bought this place:

This is what it looked like last year when we attempted to sell pre-addition:

And here is a sneak peek of its current state:

Try and guess what's gone! The opening you see in the above picture is where the window used to be on the outside wall. This picture was taken standing in the addition part now and also the new dining room. 

We removed this laundry room completely  You will see in the picture below where the arrow is pointing(the laundry room has been moved to the addition). The old laundry room will become a small pantry and also has made the entrance to the house more roomy. 

Other things we were up too was working on the drywall of course, completing the grout in the master bathroom, purchasing all of our appliances at Home Depot, picked up all of the hardwood, and finished painting one of the rooms in the old part of the house. 

We are currently living in a state of disaster and I cannot wait till we can get back to some normalcy which we figure should be in about 2 weeks. 

Until then...Addition Deadline moves on!