Addition deadline set....on our 3 yr wedding Anniversary

We've officially set an Addition deadline date. 

June 12th, 2013. Our 3 year Wedding Anniversary. 

On that day we hope to put up the "For Sale" sign, take some pictures, sit back and probably reflect. (Or maybe just keel over) 

We are so so so close to having our normal life back. To attending family gatherings without feeling like we need to get home. To getting back to our new home that is patiently waiting for us.(you can read about it here)To taking summing rides in the Cadillac(check out the Classic Cars page!) To having friends and family visit. 

It's only been 6 months(winter months) but it's time to move on. All we can do now is hope and pray that this decision we made to extend the house was the right decision. That somebody will come along and love that the house now has 2 bathrooms instead of 1, 4 bedrooms instead of 2, a real laundry room that is not in the kitchen, an old laundry room replaced with a pantry for the new kitchen, new dark hardwood flooring instead of old scratched up oak coloured hardwood, new kitchen including a hood and island which were never there, all brand new stainless steel appliances instead of old white appliances, a real dining place where you can sit and eat dinner, solid deck that is not rotted away, new siding and updated more efficient heaters, and of course added touches to landscaping. 

Oh and we also updated the old bathroom....initially we were going to gut the entire thing but in the end decided to just change the toilet and lay some tiles down(it used to be hardwood). 

Old look:

New look:

We have another crazy weekend ahead of us but this will be the weekend we see so many changes come into play and next week the new granite counter top comes in! 

Hope everybody has a great weekend!