Addition Update...Bathroom on a Budget

The master bathroom is about 90% complete. 

If you follow me on twitter some time ago I was ranting about finding a bathroom vanity and how it was probably going to drive me mental. I have been on the hunt for a 60" Vanity preferably in white for this bathroom. Every place I looked the prices were so high, ranging from $900 - $2000. Remember we are selling this place! This is not my forever home and all we needed was a vanity that looked really nice even it wasn't to my exact taste. 

I searched high and low and then resorted to Kijiji. There are quite a few small stores that sell vanities at a discounted price for numerous reasons....some maybe I would rather not know! 

Branko finally found a guy close to his work with a vanity that was black/brown with a greyish coloured granite top.

Here it is....our 60" double sink vanity for $620!!!! Even though the colour was not my first preference it still turned out looking really nice! In the evening the sunset shines in the bathroom window and the counter top sparkles a bit.

He also ended up getting those mirrors, 3 for $50!!! WHAT! We looked around on-line and the mirror retailed for roughly $140 - $180 in-store.

The tile was $1.99 sq. ft from Home Depot.

All that we need now in this bathroom is the faucets and a light fixture.

The deadline is coming up close and we are working full force right now. Every day after work we put in a good 3 hours and Sat. and Sunday we will be working all day. The hardwood should be fully completed by tomorrow night and next week we will head to my parents to pick up some furniture that we are going to borrow so we can stage the house properly.

I am really looking forward to that day the "For Sale" can go up!