May you say.....

So it's May....if somebody can please tell me what happened to Jan, Feb, March and April I would greatly appreciate it. 

The one really good thing is winter flew by with us working so hard on the addition. We can see the finish line and I still can't believe we built a house addition and fully renovated the interior in 5 months.  I would love to post some really great pictures but I just haven't had the time to take any plus even though we have done a ton of work it still doesn't look all that spectacular inside. 

We've been working really hard on making sure the outside is clean with trips to the dump and getting the siding done (thanks Branko's dad!) 

Branko's dad has become the designer, the siding guy, the plumber assistant, the electrician. So long as I keep buying the cookies I am pretty sure he will keep coming back! 

With that said I have one small before and after picture of the outside. 

Keep in mind the outside work is not fully done, we will landscape all around the house and some of the exterior work with the fascia still has to be completed. If you look closely you can see we ripped out the front deck. It was worn down and lopsided so we will build some new steps entering the house. Had we been staying in this house the siding probably would have been in a greyish colour and the lower half would have been stone but we are not! 

This place is going up for sale and hopefully soon!   

Addition deadline on track! 

We WILL do this!