Friday Dreaming....Kitchen Accessories

To continue with last weeks theme of kitchen love I really wanted to talk about all of the beautiful kitchen accessories I have been waiting to purchase. 

We have known for years that we would be building a larger home(we just didn't think we would be moving and building 2 larger homes) so we have been holding off on purchasing pricey items like dinner ware, tea kettles, coffee machines and so on. 

Here are a few of the items I am hoping to own one day. 

I am forever dreaming of this espresso maker...

Isn't it stunning!!! You can check it out here if you want one too. 

These next two I've already talked about somewhere but why not talk about them again! 

This kettle is a must...

You can review this product here

I love, love, love these dishes ....

My mom bought us this microwave last year for us for the new house, it can be purchased at Lowe's if you are in need of one. 

A pretty cake stand is always necessary on a kitchen island. 

Those are just a few of the items I am dreaming about...if you have any of the above small appliances please feel free to leave your reviews below! 

Have a great long weekend!