Friday Dreaming....Kitchen Love

The house is finally up for sale which now allows me a ton of time to dream about the new home! 

I think I may start a "Friday Dreaming" thread that will focus on all the things I am dreaming about for the new home.....the "Forever Home"

Although I am not a big cooking connoisseur I do still love looking at lavish kitchens. I have many big ideas for our new kitchen. My dad has already built the kitchen out of a nice solid wood. We just have to determine what colour we want it and have it stained/painted. 

So without further waiting here are some of my inspirations of what I would like my kitchen to look like...

Everything Grey...

I saw a picture of  a grey kitchen almost over a year ago and absolutely fell in love. 

There are so many different shades of grey of course but I would like something in between the above picture and this below picture...not too light and not too dark. 

I also really love the side of this island..

Since my dad has custom built our kitchen for us I had him leave a space like this in the island for the microwave...

I love, love, love large sinks!! We put one in the old house that we are selling right now and will not hesitate to be putting one in the new house....(ps this is from famous kitchen!)

There will be so many other things happening in this kitchen like the very large pantry that will be beside the fridge and we may also have room for a mini bar. We also plan on having no upper cabinets since we have so much room in the lower cabinets and the pantry. 

Hope everybody has a great weekend...if you have kitchen tips for me please feel free to leave them below. I would love to hear about things that you may love about your kitchen or wish you would have done!