Blogpodium Ready & Gluten Free Expo Review

First things first I must talk about the business cards my sister designed for me!

My sister will be attending Blogpodium as well, she is an up and coming graphic designer and you can check out her website here

She has helped me out with pretty much everything on my blog including adding the links for twitter, bloglovin, pinterest, and my email address. I've recently joined Instagram as well I just haven't had a chance to ask her to add it onto the site yet! She has also designed the header of my blog and provided me with any tips on layout

I knew that if I asked her to design my business card she would come up with something good. She provided me a few different layouts and options before I picked the final one. She also used a company close to where she lives and had them printed and ready for me! 

(picture is blurry on purpose! I have to leave some suspense) 

I think they are perfect and fitting to me and my personality! Nothing too crazy, sparkly, or over the top. 

If you are looking for some design ideas or a graphic designer feel free to reach out to my sister you can find her on twitter @andreazadro or on her website

Now onto the Gluten Free Expo that was held over the weekend. My sister joined me for the day and first stop was Bunner's Bake Shop in the Junction Triangle on Dundas St. Let me tell you Bunner's Cinnamon Buns did not disappoint!!! Best gluten free baking I have tasted by far, I am even thinking about having her go and grab some for Thanksgiving dinner at my parents place.

After this we headed down town to the Gluten Free Expo. My main reason for going was to test out gluten free samples. Gluten free food is expensive and does not always taste the greatest! I have thrown out so much food and it was beginning to upset me that I had to stop buying many products for the fear that it was going to taste bad and end up in the garbage. I also thought that many vendors might have had discount pricing but that wasn't the case. Since I was fully aware of the price range for most foods I knew when and if I was getting a deal. If I knew the price range was the same as in the store I didn't buy because no point in carrying all of that food around!

Sooooo what did I buy....well not much actually but I was excited for some products that were coming out from certain companies that I rely on.

I did buy a box of store they are $7.99 a box and at the expo I picked up 2 boxes for $7.99

Here is what we picked up that vendors were giving away to try...

I may or may not have already eaten a few things that didn't make it for the picture! The cost of the ticket was $12 to get in and with just the box of pasta, free coupon for a box of Erewhon cereal and small pack of pretzels(which are very tasty!) covered the cost of my ticket!

Going forward I will talk about some of my go-to gluten free snacks. I don't usually buy the cookies or granola bars as they are filled with sugar. But there are some pastas, breads, pretzels and cereals that I do enjoy.

Hope everybody had a great weekend and looking forward to seeing everybody at Blogpodium this weekend!!