Princess Margaret Lottery Home with Brian Gluckstein

When you work on your own home, figuring out every last detail you hope that when somebody walks in they can see your passion for what you've built/ designed. I hope that I evoke that kind of passion Brian Gluckstein has when he gives a description of a home he's designed.

I had the opportunity to attend a small blogger social for a private viewing of the Princess Margaret Lottery Home with Brian Gluckstein

“The ultimate entertaining home with traditional and modern elements for glamorous living.” Brian Gluckstein

I haven't had many opportunities to be around people with such high importance in the design world so going to meet Brian himself I wasn't sure what to expect. I knew I would be viewing a stunning home but what I wanted was to hear the details of the build down the to nitty gritty and he provided nothing short of that.

Brian was kind; he talked to us about the small details like how the walls were tiled in the main entrance and the work behind it. "Anybody can do this, so simple!" He says.

He discussed the library room and how he had hoped that whoever took over this home would keep it that way but If not how simple it would be to turn it into a bedroom.

He praised Kohler and Miele for there kind donations.

The décor was stunning and mixed with affordable pieces from the Gluckstein line and some antiques.

He was genuinely happy that all of his hard work combined with so many different contractors would go to a great cause.

I had a quick opportunity to Thank him for the tour of the home and after a small chat he gave me some names of shops to visit in West Palm Beach when we visit. (just goes to show how down to earth he was we ended up talking about Classic Cars!)

Thank you Gluckstein Homes and Princess Margaret Home Lotto for giving me this opportunity. 

You can purchase your ticket here to have a chance at many great prizes this year!

Also, my pictures do not do this home justice....check out the amazing pictures on the website under the Oakville Home Gallery.

*Please take important note all of my picture and thoughts were my own I was in no way asked to write about my experience*