Thanksgiving Weekend

We have been blessed with beautiful weather here over the Thanksgiving weekend. It amazes me day in and day out the drive we find to tackle our projects but also incorporate important family time.

This weekend was full of  "Forever Home" projects. We took Friday off and spent the day removing some more of the front deck from the house.

Picture taken Aug 5th, 2012. When we took over this home the windows and doors all had to be upgraded. In the above picture the walk-out basement doors were changed. The upper doors were in the process of being changed from sliders to french doors and new windows. 

Picture taken Oct. 11th, 2013. All of the windows have been replaced making the dining room/bedroom windows much larger for better views. Bushes have all been cut down, siding removed and new plywood put up. Most of the deck removed. 

The plan is for 2 additions at each end of the home, therefore that deck no longer works for the front of the house. A new balcony will be built coming off of the French Doors on the upper floor and a new deck in the back of the house for entertaining purposes. New landscaping will be completed where those bushes once were that will be incorporating large stones and plants. Stone will be added from the lower exterior of the entire house going up to the windows and then siding to the roof.

We also spent a considerable amount of time on the Garage this weekend. We hope we can get the steel roof on within 2 weeks. This will allow us to utilize the garage over the winter. Branko and I together put up 68 sheets of plywood on the walls this weekend.

If you are actually reading this and not just looking at the pictures please please don't think that I am writing this to be a big fat show off....I'm writing this to show every person out there that "when there is a will, there is a way". We could not afford to pay people to build this dream garage/forever home. We knew going into these projects that our very own blood, sweat, and tears would have to be poured into these projects to achieve our dreams. Everyday you just remind yourself to push a little harder, walk a little faster, and dream big about the future.

The plywood above the window was the toughest part, those are 12 ft. ceilings so Branko had to use lots of muscle and a few tricks to get those pieces up. This kid does not get on ladders. 

Next time you start a major project remember that your own capabilities are much more then you could ever imagine.

Don't fret!!!! We had Turkey! 

If I wasn't too busy playing with my niece and filling my face with food I would have taken some pictures of all of the food we ate....ahhhhhhhhhh next year! 

On our drive down to my parents place on Sunday we took the scenic route and came across these entry 
way gates. 

They are made out of wood and not metal! Which we both really LOVE! 

Another close up. 

This is what our entrance looks like now....

I want to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving and same as last year I am again Thankful for our health and our gratitude towards each other.

With that I will leave you with the sunset at the "Forever Home"