The Log Splitter

It's been slow around here on the renovating side of things. Branko has been extremely busy at work which has left us with little time to tackle some big jobs we need to get done. We are still expecting about 2 more weeks of work on the dream garage until it will be ready for winter. Meaning we can load it with some belongings without any damage.

On some other exciting news though we picked up a log splitter from my dad. Yes, I know what you are thinking"how is a log splitter exciting" well my friends let me grace you with this picture....


Yes, that above picture is a pile of wood that we have been hoarding. That is 4 dump trucks of wood or 10-15 bush cords. Which ever makes it easier for you to understand the unprecedented amount of wood we need to chop. 

We had to cut down a large amount of trees at the old house to really fix up the landscaping. Then at the new house we had to cut down more trees to make room for the dream garage. Don't worry all you tree huggers, cutting the trees down was a little sad for us as well but it had to be done. Don't forget we are on a tax management forest program to save trees!!

Back to the log splitter. We finally managed to pick it up and bring it home. We tried using it last week but some of the fittings had to be changed so last night we were finally set and ready to go.

Now can I just tell how exciting it is when you realize you just saved $200 in an hour! That is the cost of 1/2 bush cord of chopped wood delivered. 

MORE PURSES, WALLETS, CLOTHES, SHOES.........oh wait Branko reads this.... I totally mean more groceries!!!!! 

Here is the final product ready to be brought to the old house(yes we still have that home) so we have fire wood for the winter.

(that is half a bush cord/$200)

Tell me...Do you have a wood burning fireplace that you use? Do you chop your own wood or do you buy it from somewhere? Would love to hear your thoughts....