Friday Dreaming - Kindness Take II

If you missed it you need to go back to last week's Friday Dreaming - Kindness post and take a look at a few fellow bloggers who made an impact towards myself when I first started out this little old blog of mine.

Let me tell you, I could probably write a "Friday Dreaming - Kindness" post every Friday because of the number of individuals who have impacted me in a KIND way.

But I am focusing on the first bloggers that I came across and how they helped me to continue on with this journey of writing my own personal online diary as I like to call it.

Alexsandra from Realty Queen - I mean this girl is not just a realty queen, she is a renovating queen as well! She has a list of homes on her blog that she has flipped and sold. I came across her blog early on in my blogging days and instantly loved her style. Most times when you come across somebody who is really great at something and you are just starting out you would think might be a little snobby. Not this girl. She was always so KIND to me. Whenever I needed an opinion on something she would come up with some ideas right away. Go follow her right now! Oh and if you actually need a Realtor I suggest give her a call.

Thalita from The Learner Observer  - Let me tell you a story about this KIND lady. I met Thalita later on my blogging life. Again through twitter - and started following her journey. When I met her for the first time at Blogpodium I was shy and at that time figured she probably totally forgot who I was and what my blog was about. (I pretty much assumed most of that day that nobody knew who I was, therefore refused to give out business cards for fear of that look in somebody face - like who are you??) So I didn't take the opportunity to chat with her more. But she had this radiant smile and just seemed so genuinely friendly. Then we ran into each other at the Princess Margaret House. Yup - she was still the same person! Bubbly and funny that kind of person you know being friends with would be awesome. (OK, im sort of sounding like a creeper here, but there is a story to this) We pretty much follow the same people on twitter and have some many chats and laughs as well as follow each others blogs. One particular day we both joked about how much fun it would be to attend the Chapters Spring Preview event. Well guess what - Thalita got an invite!!!! Pretty awesome eh! It's gets better she could bring a friend and she decided to bring ME! WHAT - she could have asked anybody, a family member, a close friend. BUT nope she knew that I had really really wanted to go and asked me. No more words are needed that should be enough to help you understand what a KIND person she is.

I hope you have a chance to go and follow these ladies!

Before I end this note there are a few other fellow blogging buddies that I just love the follow along and pretty much keep me laughing on our social media platforms so take a second and check out their pretty little spaces on this world wide web of ours.

Alex from Northstory - she's pretty much famous, created an awesome facebook group for us ladies to share ideas and her blog is full of fun craft ideas with a touch of genuine words.

Amy from Love on Sunday - I could just stare at her header on her blog all day,  I love the simplicity of it. Check out her amazing design ideas.

Julia from Home on 129Acres - ummmmm the name of her blog says it all - 129 acres!!! Now that is awesome. They have a pond that is a skating rink in the winter and tractor with a name. Just for those reasons you should follow her.

Cate from Cate Moore - if you are not into following blogs at least go follow her on twitter because her 140 word statements are moving - so that along with her blog just makes you instantly in a happy place all day.

So there you have you have anybody you want to share about??? Please leave a comment below I would love to hear about somebody that maybe I need to be following!

Have a great weekend and be sure to check back on Monday - BIG things happened this week at the "Forever Home"