Friday Dreaming - Kindness

I've been reading many posts this week about all of the bullying that is happening among the blogging world and as I was driving home yesterday I thought to myself - screw all those assholes (the bullies) the fact is they aren't going away.

I know my "Friday Dreaming" posts are normally based on things I am dreaming about our "Forever Home" but you know what there has been a lot of kindness that has come along with all of this so it needs to be shared and I hope and dream that going forward more Kindness will appear.

So today's post is going to focus solely on all of the KIND people I have come across through blogging.

When I started all of this I was scared....I mean I am certainly not the best writer and I wasn't making super cool crafts to share. I just wanted to share a journey of building a home with my husband. Just the two of us.

Sooooooooooooooo without further waiting here we go.....

Jeanette from

This Dusty House

- When I first came across her blog I felt an immediate connection. Her and her husband are on a similar journey of fixing up there home together. I loved the way she shared her thoughts on her blog. I started following her on twitter and she was immediately KIND. We shared some laughs and one day I must meet this lady!

Lynne from

Design The Life You Want

- I clearly remember the first time Lynne started following me on twitter. I started following her after somebody shared a post of hers ( a very touching one). Then she tweeted me one simple KIND comment about my blog and I was on cloud nine. That's all it took for me to be forever grateful for reaching out to me I no longer felt completely alone.

Barbara from


 - I started following Barbara when I came across one of her showcase posts about Canadian Bloggers. I thought to myself, how KIND is this person! She's not just into the whole blogging thing just for herself but to promote other bloggers as well. One day she tweeted me something along of " I added you to my blogs I love list" WHAT! Thank you Barbara - also she's got some pretty cool design tastes!

Casey from


- I developed a hastag for Casey - #CaseyJustWantsToParty - this just shows you how much we interact over twitter. Casey is one pretty funny lady but she also has a very KIND soul. You feel that as soon as you meet her. (Yes, we've met - YAY for Blogpodium) Casey shares her journey through life on her blog and it's pretty awesome. Make sure you check it out.

There are many more bloggers I would like to highlight so I am going to try and keep this up for next Friday.

Before I end off for today there are 2 more people I would like to give a shout out:

My sister -


- she has helped me figure out the design on my blog and if it wasn't for her it would probably still look really tacky. She is a graphic designer and has some amazing skills. I love her dearly and the person she is molding out to be. She has a KIND heart. Thanks sister!

Thalita  from

The Learner Observer

- last night you did something so KIND that it made me realize I needed to write this post more than ever today. I will touch base more on Thalita next week and what she did for me.

Please share below the KIND things other bloggers have done for you and your thoughts on this! Let's focus on the positive of this blogging world we share!